When The University of Alabama's Culverhouse College set out to become one of the top public business schools in the country, our crew jumped at the chance to have a hand in the reinvention. This project was a lot like the intro to "The Six Million Dollar Man," with Culverhouse acting as Steve Austin. A total rebrand. New identity system, standards, collateral and merchandise.

Our focus, however, was the digital experience. We redesigned two websites and two mobile sites to deliver utility, with features like user-generated news, a student appointment scheduling system, an employer concierge, and academics information built in a streamlined and intuitive fashion—all controlled by a single content management system.

This is what a better, stronger, faster business school looks like.

A Look Into the Rebrand

Graduates today must be ready to succeed in a world where business is moving faster than ever. To compete with other top-tier schools, Culverhouse must be in the business of tomorrow.

Play the video to view the rebrand.

Reimagined Digital Presence

Our challenge: distill thousands of pages into an attractive, concise utility for students, faculty, alumni and businesses. Our solution: restructured websites with brand new information architecture, fresh copy and photography—resulting in a completely new user experience.

Mobile Approach

A mobile-optimized version of the site was designed so that users can quickly access events, news, faculty, maps and more – anywhere.